Founder of St. Columba School (Principal – 1832 to 1836)

Mrs. Magaret Wilson, wife of Dr. John Wilson, a missionary from Scotland started St. Columba School in Girgaum with just 5 girl students in 1832.

Mrs. Margaret Wilson wrote in ‘Darpan’, a contemporary Marathi newspaper that education of girls is of great importance as it respects the moral and intellectual progress of our country.

St. Columba (A.D. 521-597) was a saint from Scotland.


The crest is azure with a yellow sun and a white dove in the foreground.

The nine rays depict important qualities – Viz. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Humility, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Forgiveness.

The Dove, which is a symbol of peace is taking its flight towards the blazing sun showing that with these nine qualities, one can achieve the best by doing one’s best in life. The azure background stands for serenity.


A Motto is a rule of life adopted by a family or an institution for its inspiration. “To seek the Noontide” is adopted by St. Columba School.

It sums up very briefly the aim of the school viz., to lead the students towards progress and success and to achieve one’s best. The students are encouraged to do their best in all fields, and to aspire for perfection.

The school authorities strive to give the students an unshakeable confidence in God. The students are encouraged to do their best and to leave the rest to God. He alone is the giver of all good gifts. It is for us to labor but God gives the increase – the reward. Students are encouraged to live their School Motto from day to day. It holds the secret of joy and peace of mind which is the secret of success.


The flag has white and green colors with the School Crest in the centre. White shows purity and peace. Green shows progress. Brightness of the Sun rays indicate success.


“To prepare our young girls for what they must be and for what they must do here below, in order to attain the sublime end for which they are created!”

To achieve this end, we strive to give our girls:

  1. A strong faith in God, in themselves and in their fellowmen.
  2. A heightened sense of their personal worth and that of every human person.
  3. Opportunities for unfolding and actualising their unique potential.
  4. A deep love for and appreciation of basic human and spiritual values which will be woven into the very fabric of their human existence, their day to day living.

So that our young girls may:

  • Face a rapidly changing world with love in their hearts, with Joy, Freedom, Confidence and Generosity.
  • Involve themselves in the social problems of their time and thus become powerful and effective agents in the transformation of society.
  • Be at the service of others, with a marked preference for the poor, downtrodden,”those crucified by society”.